The first in Chernihiv region information board "Your speed"

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At the entrance to the city on the Kyiv-Chernihiv highway, the municipal service of the Municipal Enterprise “Misksvitlo” installed a test sample of an electronic information board, which shows the speed of cars.

The information board "Your speed" is a device for visually informing the driver about his current speed in automatic mode. The speed display is designed to measure and display the speed of vehicles. The sign is installed on sections of public roads, where it is necessary to draw the attention of drivers to the speed limit. The road sign is made in the form of a rectangular sign with the inscription on a yellow background "YOUR SPEED" and the lower LED two-color display, which displays the value of the measured speed of the car in km/h. When driving a vehicle within the permitted speed range (in the area where the scoreboard is installed - 1-50 km / h) the color of the numbers on the scoreboard is green, when speeding - red.

The brightness of the numbers of the LED display on the information board varies depending on the external lighting, this makes the perception of information on the display more comfortable for drivers.

The readings of the speedometer display are purely informative, the speed increase recorded by the device is not a basis for bringing drivers to administrative responsibility. Informing drivers with this sign is aimed at preventing speeding violations and improving traffic safety. Focusing drivers on speeding will subconsciously encourage them to follow the traffic rules and force them to slow down. Increased speed or non-compliance with specific road conditions is the main cause of accidents. In this case, according to statistics, with increasing speed, the severity of the consequences of the accident increases exponentially.

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