The first in Chernihiv region information board "Your speed"

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At the entrance to the city on the Kyiv-Chernihiv highway, the municipal service of the Municipal Enterprise “Misksvitlo” installed a test sample of an electronic information board, which shows the speed of cars.

Replacement of lamps at the entrance to Chernihiv

в’їзд в Чернігів

At the entrance to Chernihiv from the side of Kyiv, street lighting was modernized with partial replacement of street lamps with LED ones.

Traffic lights in Ukraine

To provide the fast and safety traffic in the modern cities the whole series of actions of organizational character, in particular, implementation of technical means on roads - signs, marking, road protections and the directing devices, and, of course – traffic lights is required. The experts call them as one of the main safety installations for the road traffic.

Lightning modernization for “OKHMATDIT” Hospital

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In October, 2013 the LLC “ATILOS” became the winner in the tender for the scientific and technical work (STW) “Lighting systems modernization on objects of the Ministry of Health, in particular in National children's specialized hospital “OKHMATDIT” (Kyiv). Implementation of the technical design specification and resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 992 of 15.10.2012 concerning requirements to LED lamps was the main condition of production delivery under the terms of the tender.

Street lamps of the LLC “ATILOS” in Donetsk

На фото светодиодные cветильники ООО «АТИЛОС» в Донецке 

In spring 2012 LED lamps of ATILOS production were put into operation in Donetsk city on Chelyuskintsev Street and Molodykh Shakhterov Street, if you walk to Donbass Arena stadium. Installation works were carried out within the program of Euro-2012. Guests and city residents could appreciate lighting of the traffic way. Currently lamps continue to work.

Architectural illumination of the Central Kyiv Synagogue of Brodsky

Architectural illumination of the Central Kyiv Synagogue of Brodsky

Architectural illumination of one of ancient culture monuments of our capital was provided thanks to innovative developments of the LLC “ATILOS” in autumn of 2012.

New traffic lights in Sumy

New traffic lights in Sumy 

Sumy traffic light park received this year serious renewments. Instead of old lamp traffic lights the city authorities made the decision to install new LED traffic lights of the last generation SD T1.3-TOV-AT.