LED Lighting fixture DKU 120

Outdoor lighting lamps

LED lighting fixture DKU 120 is intended for illumination of roads (type A, B), streets, squares, railway platforms, parking, checkpoints, guarded objects, etc.

Lighting fixture name according to manufacture technical conditions:

DKU 21U-120-311 U1-AT

DKU 21U-120-711 U1-AT NEW


 Parameter  DKU 21U-120-311 U1-AT DKU 21U-120-711 U1-AT NEW
Light sources light-emitting diodes Cree ХРН 35.2 (20 pcs.) light-emitting diodes Cree ХРН 50.2 (16 pcs.)
Optic LEDIL OY, Strada 2х2 LEDIL OY, Strada 2х2
Color temperature not less than 4 000 К not less than 5 000 К
Luminous flux type of light source no less 13 800 Lm no less 19 100 Lm
Type of light intensity distribution curve Ш (expanded), D (cos) Ш (expanded), D (cos), К (concentrated)
Power supply 220±30 V; 50 Hz 220±30 V; 50 Hz
Nominal power no more than 120 W no more than 120 W
Power factor not less than 0,95 not less than 0,98
Luminous efficacy not less than 115 Lm/W not less than 159 Lm/W
Color rendering index not less than 70 not less than 72
Environmental temperature range from -40˚С to +55˚С from -40˚С to +55˚С
Protection index against electric current  1  1
Environmental exposure IP code  IP 65 IP 65
Fastening to the corbel piece  40÷50 mm (60 mm with adapter)  40÷50 mm (60 mm with adapter)
 Dimensional specifications  no more than 610х240х100 mm  no more than 610х240х100 mm
 Weight  no more than 6,5 kg  no more than 6,5 kg

According to the technical task of the customer, we make lamps with a possible power consumption control and luminous flux on a two-wire power line from 100% to 20% in 10% increments.

Технічні характеристики

Lighting fixture DKU 120Lighting fixture DKU 120TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

On basis of the test of lighting fixtures in the program TEMPO-24 (North Carolina), was granted the right to use the trademark CREE LEDs, which guarantees product's high quality.
Lighting fixtures meet TU U 31.5-14228451.014:2009, all obligatory requirements of DSTU EN 605982-2-3:2002 All photometric data are confirmed by certified laboratory testing protocols.
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