Traffic lights T1.1(1.3)-KZ-AT

traffic light equipment

LED red-green and red-yellow traffic lights are developed for the organization of the vehicular traffic in territories of the enterprises, and also for improving safety of traffic and efficiency of their work.

Traffic lights T1.1-KZ-AT (T1.3-KZ-AT) and T1.1-KZh-AT (T1.3-KZh-AT) are intended:

  • for regulation of the vehicular traffic in territories of the enterprises, warehouses, open pits, ports etc.;
  • for the organization of transport passage through check points, weigh-houses, guard desks, inspection stations etc.

Traffic lights T1.1-KZ-AT (T1.3-KZ-AT) and T1.1-KZh-AT (T1.3-KZh-AT) consume the electric power 10 times less than usual lamp traffic lights, have operational expenses 15-17 times lower (thus difference in value is repaid less than for 3 years).

They have no “phantom” effect.

They conform to all requirements of Ukrainian standards. They are certified.


  • Nominal voltage 220 (+/-40) V; 50 Hz
  • Power consumption of one section of the traffic light, W, no more than 12 W
  • Application in climatic conditions from - 40˚С to +60˚С
  • LED MS modules Ø 200; 300 mm
  • Full service life not less than 20 years
  • Warranty period 5 years

Traffic lights are made in plastic housings.

Control of light signal switch keys of the traffic light is carried out both by road controllers, and by the control panel in the automatic or manual modes.

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