Traffic lights for bike roads T 3-V-AT

svet velo

    LED traffic lights T3-V-AT was intended for traffic control on bicycle's or pedestrian's roads, on the crossroads with pedestrian's or bicycle's roads and other difficult sections of roads system.

The LED modules (MS) with bicycle's image of red, yellow and green colors are light sources in T3-V-AT. The corps is made of metal and protected by powdered paint.

The possible implementation of a fully lighting of working aperture lens surface of traffic lights (without bicycle's image) using additional plates with the image of the bicycle.

Light-emitting diodes are included in MS in such way that failure up to 20% of LEDs doesn't result decrease in light intensity of the module due to compensation of a light flux by other light-emitting diodes.

                                                                                     MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

  • Diameter of a lens working face, mm                                                              100
  • Nominal power supply voltage, V                                                                    220 +/-40
  • Power consumption of one section of the traffic light, W, no more than              4
  • Axial luminous intensity of signals, Cd, not less than

   Red, green                                                                                              15

   Yellow                                                                                                    20

  • Range of ambient temperatures, ˚С                                                                from - 40 to +60
  • Dimension                                                                                                   550х170х240

The T3-V-AT lighting parameters meet the requirements of DSTU 4092-2002 and TU U 31.6-14228451-007-2003.

The light flux formed by MS has 30% reservoir on luminous intensity for compliance continuance to requirements of DSTU when aging light-emitting diodes and connected with it deterioration of the radiating capacity.