Duplicate traffic lights T3.1-AT


LED traffic lights T 3.1-AT designed to duplicate the traffic lights T 1.1 - T 1.12, if their visibility is difficult for the driver.

 Vehicles series 3 traffic lights should be placed under the relevant type of traffic lights 1.1 T - T 1.12.

The LED modules (MS) of red, yellow and green colors are light sources in T3.1-AT. The corps is made of metal and protected by powdered paint.

MS compares favorably from the modules with glow lamps with essential impossibility of a false color illumination of the disconnected sections at their lighting from the outside, with higher brightness, by 10 times lower power consumption and essential higher reliability.

Light-emitting diodes are included in MS in such way that failure up to 20% of LEDs doesn't result decrease in light intensity of the module due to compensation of a light flux by other light-emitting diodes.


  • Diameter of a lens working face, mm                                                        100
  • Nominal power supply voltage, V                                                              220 +/-40
  • Power consumption of one section of the traffic light, W, no more than         4
  • Axial luminous intensity of signals, Cd, not less than:

   Red, green                                                                                         15

   Yellow                                                                                               20

  • Range of ambient temperatures, ˚С                                                           from - 40 to +60
  • Dimension                                                                                              550х170х240

 The T3.1-AT lighting parameters meet the requirements of DSTU 4092-2002 and TU U 31.6-14228451-007-2003.


Download brochure "Duplicate traffic lights T3.1-AT"

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