Timing panel TVCH1-AT(200 mm) and TVCH2-AT(300 mm)

Світлофорне обладнання

TVCH1-AT(200 mm) and TVCH2-AT(300 mm) LED boards are designed to indicate the countdown in seconds of the time that remains until the traffic light turns off.

The use of TVCH significantly improves road safety, especially for wheelchair users, pedestrians with limited mobility and for schoolchildren.

The numbers in the TVCH designation indicate the standard size in mm of the protective polycarbonate glass of the time reading indicator.

The color of the countdown indication digits corresponds to the color of the traffic light on.

TVCH is made in the form of an additional traffic light section, it is installed on the upper section of the traffic light and connected in parallel to the traffic light switching circuits. When a traffic light is operating in the traffic control mode, TVCH measures in real time the actual duration of the red and green signals of the traffic light and displays their countdown. When the traffic light object switches to the yellow flashing signal mode, the indication turns off.

To connect the time countdown display, it is not necessary to select separate power circuits and change the program of the road controller. The time countdown board is connected to the regular circuits available in the traffic light.

TVCH is compatible with all types of traffic lights and controllers used in Ukraine.

TVCH operating conditions correspond to the operating conditions of LED traffic lights.

Structurally, the time countdown board is made in the form of a traffic light section installed on a pedestrian or transport traffic light and has two versions 200 and 300 mm.