Information board "Your speed"

Знак дорожній

The information board "Your speed", further the board intended for measurement and display of speed of vehicles (TK). It is installed on sections of public roads, where it is necessary to draw the attention of drivers to the speed limit.

The board is made in the form of a rectangular sign (810x810 mm) with the inscription on a yellow background "YOUR SPEED" and below the two-color LED display, which displays the value of the measured vehicle speed in km/h. If the value of the speed at which the vehicle is moving is in the permitted (on this section of the road) speed range - the color of the numbers is green. Otherwise - red. The range of permitted speeds (default 1-50 km/h) is programmed at the manufacturer and can be changed when ordering a scoreboard.

To measure the speed, a microwave radar is used, mounted in a panel operating in the ISM frequency range (general-purpose radio frequency spectrum that does not require permits and licensing). The board is installed on a pole or bar. The landing surface of the column (bar) must be cylindrical in shape with an outer diameter of 70 to 80 mm.

The display has the function of reducing the brightness of the numbers of the LED display depending on the external lighting, which contributes to a more comfortable reading of speed indicators by drivers. The panel can be supplied with a supply voltage of 12V or 24V DC for use in systems with autonomous power supply.


  • Power supply voltage - 220±40 V (50±1) Hz;
  • Maximum power consumption - 15 W;
  • Dimensional specifications - 967x820x56 mm;
  • LED display - Three seven-segment digits;
  • The size of the digit of the LED display- 220x420 mm;
  • Maximum brightness of the LED display segment - 60 Kd;
  • Radar operating frequency - 24 Hz;
  • Microwave power (EIRP) - 20 dbm;
  • Radar radiation diagram - 12° horizontally, 28° vertically;
  • Range of determination of speed of the vehicle - 200 m;
  • Measured speed range - 1-240 km/h;
  • Range of speeds displayed - 1-199 km/h;
  • Speed measurement error - ±1 km/h;
  • Mass, no more - 12 kg.
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