Pedestrian crossing sign


Due to the decentralization of power, which is happening in Ukraine, local self-government bodies, along with broad powers, have received great responsibility.

   Streets, roads of cities and other settlements, as well as significant areas of land outside settlements, on which motor roads of local importance are located, were transferred to the balance sheet in the communal ownership of the OTG.

   Thanks to a fruitful cooperation with municipal services of many cities of Ukraine, ATILOS LLC responds in time to your needs - develops and manufactures relevant products. Knowing the need for modern traffic means precisely at unregulated pedestrian crossings, the company produces and successfully supplies road sign 5.35.1 / 5.35.2 "Pedestrian crossing" with a border with LED illumination.

   The operational state of unregulated pedestrian crossings must ensure the safety of all road users regardless of the season, time of day, or weather conditions. An important component of ensuring road safety at night, twilight, and in adverse weather conditions is the visibility of not only those pedestrians who entered the crossing but also those who stand on the sidewalks and shoulders. LED sign "Pedestrian crossing" produced by ATILOS LLC significantly improves visibility and creates maximum visibility, providing the driver with a timely response. When the backlight is turned off, the road sign remains clearly visible, as it has a reflective coating.

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