Lightning modernization for “OKHMATDIT” Hospital

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In October, 2013 the LLC “ATILOS” became the winner in the tender for the scientific and technical work (STW) “Lighting systems modernization on objects of the Ministry of Health, in particular in National children's specialized hospital “OKHMATDIT” (Kyiv). Implementation of the technical design specification and resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 992 of 15.10.2012 concerning requirements to LED lamps was the main condition of production delivery under the terms of the tender.

Scientific and technical work consisted of the following main parts:

  • development of project documentation for identification of LED lamps types, requirements to their electric and optical parameters, quantity and installation place in hospital premises;
  • production of LED lamps;
  • carrying out installation of the lighting equipment;
  • carrying out monitoring of illumination and its change over time in hospital premises, where LED lamps are installed, and also monitoring of power consumption by the new lighting equipment and identification of real improvement of the light environment and economy of the electric power after lighting systems modernization.

Development and production of LED lamps were carried out by the company “ATILOS”. 219 LED lamps of outdoor lighting are installed, 1298 lamps in the pavilions of hospital are replaced.

Installation of lamps was carried out in the conditions of continuous medical process.

Monitoring of the light environment in premises of hospital where LED lamps are installed was carried out according to the developed techniques with modern measuring equipment use.

Light distribution of ATILOS lamps provides the most uniform lighting of rooms and the smallest indicator of people blinding. When using LED lamps the considerable improvement of lighting quality is observed that provides necessary medico-hygienic parameters of LED light. It is defined by burden decrease on the visual apparatus and cardiovascular system of people, tiredness decrease and working ability increase that improves results of activity.

Economic effect of our LED lamps installation can be felt during the period from 2 to 5 years thanks to long service life and decrease in energy consumption. At operation conditions observance the lamps characteristics remain for 14 years without changes and don't demand additional service.

Quality of the LED equipment and the performed works is noted by administration of National children's specialized hospital “OKHMATDIT” in the letter of gratitude to the head of the State agency on science, innovations and informational support Seminozhenko Vladimir Petrovich.

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