LED Lighting fixture DKU 60A

Outdoor lighting lamps

LED lighting fixture DKU 60A is intended for crosswalks illumination. The optics directs light flux so, that it does not dazzle the driver of the approaching vehicle.

Lighting fixture name according to manufacture technical conditions: DKU 21U-060-214 U1-AT.                                                                   

                                               MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Energy efficiency of Lighting fixture

The shape of Light Distribution Curves
  • Light sources – 16 light-emitting diodes XML Cree, Inc.
  • Optic - LEDIL OY, Strada 2х2
  • Color temperature – 4 500 ÷ 5 700 K
  • Luminous flux type of light source – 6 500 Lm
  • Type of light intensity distribution curve – asymmetric
  • Power supply - 220±30 V; 50 Hz
  • Nominal power – no more than 60 W
  • Power factor – not less than 0,95
  • Luminous efficacy – not less than 108 Lm/W
  • Color rendering index – 70
  • Environmental temperature range - from - 40˚С to + 55 ˚С
  • Environmental exposure IP code – IP 65
  • Protection index against electric current according to GOST – I
  • Compliance of radio interference level with DSTU CISPR15
  • Compliance of voltage changing and flicker with DSTU ІЕС 61000-3-3
  • Compliance of harmonic current emissions with DSTU ІЕС 61000-3-2, class С
  • Fastening to the corbel piece – Ø 40÷50 of mm
  • Dimensional specifications – no more than 620х120х100 mm
  • Weight – no more then 4 kg
  • Protection against short circuit, overload and overheating of the current source


On basis of test of lighting fixtures in the program TEMPO-24 (North Carolina), was granted right to use the trademark CREE LEDs, which guarantees product's high quality.
Street's lighting fixtures DKU 60A (DKU 21U-060-214 U1-AT)meet TU U 31.5-14228451.014:2009, all obligatory requirements of DSTU EN 605982-2-3:2002. All photometric data are confirmed by laboratory testing protocols of CTEL Poltava.