Lighting control cabinet

Щит управления освещением

The lighting control cabinet (LCC) is a part of the GSM remote control system for street lighting. It is intended for the organization of multimode control of lighting of various objects - from small production rooms to networks of external electric lighting of large cities.

Allows you to collect information about the current mode of operation, the state of the equipment, as well as the distribution of electrical energy of single - or three-phase alternating current 380/220V, providing protection against overload and short circuit currents.

СData collection, management, and data transfer to the control point are provided by the GSM router installed in LCC. Data and controls for the manager are displayed using software installed on the PC.

Basic functions LCC:

  1. Controls lighting in autonomous and remote mode.
  2. Gives the command to switch the lighting to low/high power mode.
  3. It has built-in memory with annual lighting on/off schedule.
  4. It has built-in memory with a daily schedule of decreasing/increasing lighting power.
  5. Has the ability to remotely adjust the schedule on/off lighting and the schedule of decrease/increase lighting power.
  6. Receives diagnostic information from the built-in sensors and sends it to the control panel.
  7. Prompt notification of the dispatcher about emergencies and other events.

Controlled parameters:

  1. Lighting control panel door opening sensor control.
  2. Control of a reserve power supply (if available).
  3. Control of the presence of phases and phase voltage at the input of the control panel.
  4. Control of work of starters on a control circuit (issue of a control command, control of a control circuit).
  5. Output voltage control for each phase.
  6. Output current control for each phase.
  7. The total value of the accumulated active and reactive energy is read, as well as the value of energy at several tariffs with the possibility of connecting an existing meter.
  8. Control of unauthorized entry into the panel room with equipment.

Technical characteristics:

  • Up to 9 on/off lighting lines (feeders);
  • Switched AC voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, 220 V;
  • Switching alternating current, no more 50 A;
  • Rated voltage of a control circuit of 50 Hz, 220 V;
  • Electricity metering is carried out by meters of direct or transformer inclusion;
  • Working position of a case in space: vertical;
  • Weight, not more than 40 kg.


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